Talk of Wilson County TX Historic Towns

by Barbara J. Wood
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Vintage 1894 photo

Vintage 1894 photo shared from:
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..... Sutherland Springs Wilson County Texas ....  the wildflowers graced her charm beautifully. ( Melinda Creech photo)
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What do you see?

A PICTURE CAN WRITE ITS OWN STORY ... what do you see in this 1915 scene of the Floresville Wilson County Texas Depot?  The 10 gallon milk cans & the young boy giving the Boy Scout  hand sign caught my eye.
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Jesus and María Ramírez

A PICTURE CAN WRITE ITS OWN STORY ....  Reader  Yvette Ramirez Cortinas explains, "My grandparents lived in Floresville up until 1956 or so. My grandpa Jesus Ramírez worked as an electrician for the power company. María de Jesús and Jesús Ramírez known as Suse and Chu Ramírez." [Thank you for sharing!]